Purifying Cream 50 ml

Purifying Cream 50 ml
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PURIFYING Cream 50 ml

Skin that tends to be oily, with excessive sebaceous secretions, generally stays younger and is more resistant to the formation of wrinkles and the passing of time than dry skin. Unfortunately, however, its defects must be eliminated early on, before they worsen and lead to the formation of pimples and blackheads. This innovative formulation thanks to its natural ingredients combats excess sebum and flushes impurities freeing up the pores. This gentle cream penetrates deep into the skin and evens the skin tone leaving it fresher and brighter.

APPLICATION: Apply onto cleansed skin every day concentrating mainly on the areas that need it most (around the nose, on the forehead, possibly also on the back). Do not discontinue with the treatment until you achieve smooth skin without any imperfections.

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